Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Ultimate Gift Ideas of Custom Monogram Bracelets

Bracelets are nice jewelry that ladies normally wear around their wrists to make them beautiful and fashionable. Nowadays, there are various designs of bracelets but the ones we are focusing on are custom monogram bracelets which normally have their wearer's initials engraved on them.

Below are a few nice looking bracelets which anyone would like to have in their collection of jewelry:

Monogram Leather Wrap Bracelet Snap with Gold

1. Monogram Leather Wrap Bracelet Snap with Gold or Silver
This funky leather monogram bracelet really tells a lot. It would be a very good gift for your mother, wife, friend or even yourself. Anyone who likes personalized jewelry would love this custom monogram bracelet. Bridesmaids can also use this kind of monogrammed bracelets as well.

Just like every monogram jewelry, your last name's initial will be in the middle of the other two initials and larger than them. The pendant can be either silver or gold plated while the bracelet itself comes in a variety of colors such as dark brown, turquoise, black or pink. It is 7.5 inches long.

2. Sterling silver 24k Gold plated Handcrafted 1-inch monogram bracelet
This is one of the hottest celebrity trends! This amazing piece of jewelry would be a very nice gift for a loved one, family member, friend or even yourself.

This custom monogram bracelet is made from 24k gold plated sterling silver which measures about 1-inch in diameter. Other features include a 4mm bezel set and lobster clasp. This bracelet is 7 inches in length and has a 1-inch extension containing 6 bezel set. It weighs a total of about 4 grams.

The sterling silver monogram bracelet is a custom monogram bracelet specifically made for you with your initials written in a scripted monogram style. Have it in mind that the traditional 3 letter monogram is scribed on the pendant with the initial of the wearer's last name set in between the other two initials and is larger than them. This should be observed when sending the initials to the producers and you will end up getting a uniquely made monogram bracelet.

monogram cuff bracelet from LoveInChic
3. Monogrammed Cuff Bracelet in Silver
This is one of the most precious monogrammed bracelets having a high definition graphic sealed beneath a glass cabochon. This nice piece of jewelry can also be presented as a gift for weddings, birthdays, graduations, etc.

This custom monogram bracelet is available in silver plate and gold plate of which you can select from. The monogram in the center is 20mm in size which is about ¾ inches in diameter which is about the size of a nickel. There various font styles as well as colors to choose from.

As the usual way with monograms, the initial of the last name will be at the center of the pendant, in between the other two initials and would also be larger than them. The bracelet comes in several colors and the choices are limitless all depending on what you desire.

monogram bangle bracelet
4. Silver Personalized Monogrammed Bridesmaid gift bangle bracelet
This monogram bangle hand is made from heavy gauge sterling silver wire which is manually hammered before it is tumbled for strength and shine. There is a stainless steel disc measuring ¾ of an inch across has an engraved monogram depending on your choice. This monogram has 3 letters which are the initials of the wearer with the middle initial larger than the other two and it stands taller in the center. There are various sized depending on who is wearing it: 2 inches (children), 2¼ inches (petite adults), 2½ inches (Normal sized adults), 2 ¾ inches (large adults) and 3 inches (extra-large).

These bangles are uniquely designed for everyone who purchases it. It should be noted that initials must be sent to the manufacturer when making an order for it.

These bracelets can serve as gifts to loved ones, wives, sisters, mothers, friend or even one's self. They come in various colors, sizes, and forms. There are the ones with their bangles made of leather, while others are a slim wire. Whichever one you choose, you will definitely love wearing it as it makes a statement on your behalf.